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The Surgeonfish is famous, easily recognized by both children and adults as the quirky and clever Dory from Disney’s Finding Nemo. Lively and colorful, these fish are excellent for beginners and coral reef… Read More »


Tank Companions

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Owning an aquarium doesn’t limit you to owning fish. There are a number of other creatures that are suitable for a tank, either with your fish or as unique specimens that must be… Read More »



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Description: One of the largest fish available for the home aquarium, the Triggerfish is beautiful and notoriously aggressive. They are not recommended for trial and error fish owners or novice aquarium keepers; one… Read More »



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Wrasse are a species of fish that are excellent for the beginning aquarium owner. Their easy going personality, heartiness and adaptability make them perfect for a starter tank. Though most Wrasse are smallish,… Read More »