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Looking like the dinosaur in your aquarium, the Plecostomus, or sucker fish, they make a useful and friendly addition to any tank. Sadly, however, the Plecostomus is not a dinosaur at all, but… Read More »



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While most consider the Pufferfish something reserved for the salty waters of the ocean, there are 29 varieties that are known to live in freshwater, some of which are suitable for the aquarium… Read More »



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Native to Australia and New Guinea, the Rainbowfish is a small, brightly colored freshwater fish that makes a beautiful addition to any aquarium. Less than five inches in length, they are hearty and… Read More »



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Resembling Tetras and related to Danios, Rasboras bring bright, exotic coloring to the freshwater aquarium. Rasboras are bright and colorful, active and animated, peaceful and easy to care for. They are schooling fish… Read More »



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They look like sharks and move like sharks, but the freshwater fish you see in the pet store that are called “Sharks” are really just a species of minnow. Despite this, freshwater Sharks… Read More »



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While there are few fish that can be seen in both fresh and saltwater aquariums, there are a number of invertebrates that have adapted to freshwater and can be used as ornamental additions… Read More »


Silver Dollars

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A standard in the aquarium industry, the bright and flashy Silver Dollar is easy to raise, easy to feed, easy to breed, and easy to care for. It is the perfect fish for… Read More »



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Your fish may be the focal point of an aquarium, but aquarists know that there is more to a fish tank than the fish swimming around in it. The mark of a master… Read More »



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A bright addition to any aquarium, Tetras are small freshwater fish that share a family with other famous freshwater fish such as piranha. This is a hardy and easy to keep species of… Read More »