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Poeciliidae, more commonly known as mollies, guppies, platies or swordtails, are one of the most common freshwater aquarium fish and closely resemble killifish and minnows. They are peaceful fish, making them ideal for… Read More »


Jack Dempsey fish

May 1, 2012 0 Comments

Named for the famous 1920’s boxer Jack Dempsey, the Jack Dempsey fish is easily recognized by its aggressive nature and strong facial features. A large fish, it is quite popular among aquarium owners… Read More »



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Some of the brightest and most beautiful fresh water fish around would be the Killifish. Beloved for their brilliant colors and designs, these small fish have the largest fan clubs and hobby groups… Read More »



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Related to the electric eel, Knifefish are long, thin fish with no dorsal or pectoral fins. They resemble the blade of a knife, with an undulating anal fin that stretches nearly the entire… Read More »



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Members of the largest family of fish, the Koi are perhaps the largest of the carps, capable of growing more than three feet in length and living up to sixty years. Though they… Read More »



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Loaches bring an interesting shape and color to your freshwater aquarium. Related to catfish, they have a flat belly, humped back and small whiskers called barbel on the sides of their sucker-like mouths…. Read More »



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Freshwater lobsters are not an addition that is suitable for the casual aquarists. Besides their semi-aggressive behaviors, the smallest of them requires a tank of at least 20 gallons, while the larger species… Read More »



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A giant for the home, freshwater aquarium, Oscars are a popular and easy-going fish that many tank owners are thrilled to add to their community. These natives of the Amazon can grow up… Read More »



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Though they are nearly identical to the fierce and deadly Piranha, the Pacu is a peaceful omnivore. The most common variety of Pacu is the Red-Bellied Pacu, which can grow to be quite… Read More »



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The Piranha is a fish for film, with Hollywood taking great joy in releasing films that show the fish as a terrifying, man-eating horror of South American rivers. Freshwater aquarists, however, know that… Read More »