The 5 Most Colorful Aquarium Fish

One of the greatest joys in building and planning an aquarium is adding new fish to its waters. While some people enjoy outlandishly shaped fish, and others large fish, some people prefer to look for the most colorful fish to fill their waters. Eye-popping designs and psychedelic colors that draw the eye are the specialty of these aquarium dwellers.

Dragonets – The most common Dragonet you will see is the Mandarin fish. The Mandarin fish is one of the brightest and craziest looking fish you’ll ever see. It certainly deserves to be named the number one most colorful fish! This fish has a body swirled in teal and orange. Its dorsal fin is teal and orange spotted while its fins are a deep blue with orange undertones and teal streaks. The tail is orange, edged in blue and finished with faded teal streaks. It is a bright and colorful addition to the marine tank.

Killifish – Killifish rank number two in our list of most colorful fish. There are a number of types of Killifish, so only the most colorful is listed here. The Latin name is used because generic Killifish names tend to be specific to region. The Aphyosemion Killifish is an orange fish, overlaid with teal and red dots. The fins are teal in color with the red dots, but they are edged in a bright sunrise yellow. Though this is the most colorful of the Killifish, they are all stunning, even those considered drab in comparison.

Bettas – Bright, beautiful, and easily bred, Bettas have captured the eyes of pet store customers for years. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, these small wonders sport deep, jewel-toned colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. The males have spectacular fins that they will flare when competing for a mate or establishing territory. Additionally, they are spectacularly easy to mate and breed, allowing owners to create new varieties with even more spectacular color or fin design. A quick search on Google reveals numerous images of brightly colored Bettas, the likes of which are never seen in pet stores but are, instead, developed in owners’ homes and tanks.

Tangs/ Surgeonfish – Though Dory is a Surgeonfish, her specific variety did not make the cut. Instead, the most colorful and highly sought Surgeonfish is the Acanthurus leucosternon or Powder-blue Tang. A number of images come to mind as you observe this stunning fish gliding through the waters: the sunrise off the coast of a Hawaiian island, or a perfect summer day with light, wispy clouds. The body of the Powder-blue Tang is a bright, powder blue. Its anal fin is a light white color while the dorsal fin is a bright sunny yellow. The tail is white edged in black while the face of this magnificent fish is a deep black touched by a white highlighting. It rightfully earns its place as number four on our list.

Wrasse – Number five on our list is the Gomphosus varius Wrasse. Unique in both coloring and shape, it brings something special and unique to the tank. Longer than the other Wrasse in appearance, it has a long nose that makes it appear similar to a hummingbird, especially since it shares similar coloring. It is a teal and green fish that seems to change colors as the light reflects off its scales. The pectoral fins have a distinct bright green color at the base.

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