Small and bright, animated Barbs are an instant hit in the fish tank. Be careful though as each variety of Barb comes with a different personality and can terrorize your other fish or avoid them. Many varieties of Barbs, though relatively peaceful, can become bullies and are known for being fin-nippers. Regardless, they are generally pleasant in a community aquarium and enjoy schooling with one another to engage in darts around the tank and other fish-like games. These fish are easy to care for, hardy and readily available in most pet stores.

Sub-Species for Aquariums:

Cherry – Bright Pink, the Cherry Barb lives up to its name. It is a small fish with a dark pink streak running down its side from nose to the base of the tail.

Clown – A bright, fluorescent orange, the Clown Barb sports wide spots that almost make vertical bars along the body.

Tin Foil – One of the largest barbs, the Tinfoil Barb can grow to nearly ten inches and is a bright silvery color with bright orange fins.

Tiger – Something of a cross between the Clown and Tinfoil Barbs, the Tiger Barb has a silver body with broad, black vertical strips and orange highlights on its tail, fins and nose.


Barbs are freshwater tropical fish which means they need warm water around 75˚F with a pH between 6.5-7.5. Because of their energetic tendencies, they do best in a long tank with more swimming room. Barbs should not be kept in tanks with slow-swimming, long-finned fish as they will nip at fins and aggravate your other fish.


Barbs do not have any special dietary requirements and will quite happily exist off flake foods alone.

Size: Up to 10 Inches
Freshwater/ Saltwater: Freshwater
Diet: Flake Food
Reef Compatibility: NA
Tank Mate Compatibility: 6
Lifespan: Up to 7 Years

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