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Drums and Croakers are unique fish with fitting and unique names. These fish emit a drum or croak-like sound that is created by tapping a special set of muscles against the air bladder…. Read More »



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The cooler, more hip cousin of the Triggerfish, the Filefish has a sweeter attitude while still displaying the same bright colors and unique shapes as the Triggerfish. Like the Triggerfish, the Filefish has… Read More »


Flat fish

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Flat fish, such as Flounder and Sole, are occasionally seen in the aquarium trade and can make an interesting addition to a community tank. Flat fish have a unique development. When they first… Read More »



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While not as brightly colored, large, or exciting as some other tropical offerings, the Goatfish brings more than its fair share of color, excitement, and things to watch for to the marine aquarium…. Read More »



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Though they belong to a large family of fish, the Goby is a usually tiny addition to your tank. Many species grow no larger than five inches in the aquarium, and even in… Read More »



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A monster in the wild and in the aquarium, the Grouper is a giant of a fish. Known for growing over three feet in length and weighing more than 200 pounds, this fish… Read More »



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Though Hawkfish are not readily available in pet stores, their easy personalities, bright colors and quick acclimation to tank life make them highly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts. Though they are small fish,… Read More »



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One of the most beautiful, and most deadly, fish in the oceans, the Scorpionfish or Lionfish is highly prized in a saltwater aquarium, though they are not for beginning enthusiasts. Scorpionfish are very… Read More »


Marine Shrimp

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Though they are small, adding shrimp to your aquarium can bring major changes to how you do everything from feeding to medicating and monitoring your water. Some shrimp are not at all suitable… Read More »


Marine Starfish

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While starfish are not a novice addition to the marine aquarium, some sea stars require significantly more effort for the aquarist and are not to be attempted by novice or intermediate marine aquarists…. Read More »