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4 Fish That Can’t Handle Temperate Change

May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Some fish are particularly sensitive about the temperature of the water they are living in. While most fish can handle temperatures that vary by 8-10 degrees, others are only comfortable at a certain… Read More »


Fish and Pressure

May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Pressure plays a critical part in the life of any fish. All fish are susceptible to high and low pressure as they move through the different depths, as well as being sensitive to… Read More »


How to Travel with Your Fish

May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Most of us will change home locations at some point in our lives. Whether moving from an apartment to a home or from state to state, the care of our animals is something… Read More »


Keeping Cats From Fish

May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Owning cats and owning fish seem to be two opposite goals. After all, how many cartoons and books discuss the … delicate relationship between cats and fish? You don’t have to give up… Read More »


Mourning the Loss of a Fish

May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Owning any type of pet builds a connection between you and the animal in your care. While owning fish may not be quite the same as owning a dog or a cat, it… Read More »


When to Let Your Fish Pass On

May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Being a responsible pet owner is not always fun and games. Often it’s hard work and difficult decision making. One of the most difficult decisions that a pet owner has to make is… Read More »


When to Turn to a Vet for Your Fish

April 18, 2012 0 Comments

Keeping fish often requires an investment. You must buy a tank and filters, decorations and plants, gravel and water heaters, and finally your fish. Depending on the type of tank you are setting… Read More »